Despite how we often feel, there are some choices we can make during the dying process.
Here nurses help us consider our options.

Marie Manthey, BSN, MNA, (h)PhD, FAAN, FRCN

We need to take ownership over our lives, and our deaths

Joann Nayer-Grutza, RN, NP-C

Would you rather go to the hospital or play golf?

Judith Schwarz, RN, MSN, PhD

How helping a friend die changed my life's work

Gilbert Oakley, RN

Saying "No" to your doctor

Megan Mendoza, RN, BSN, CPN, CCRN

Weighing all the options, even when none of them are good

Yajaira Algarin-Martelly, RN

Helping families and patients understand the disease process