The Kanarek Family Foundation

Greenwich, CT
Kanarek-NEW Mission Statement
Robin and Joseph Kanarek founded the Kanarek Family Foundation in 2006 to honor the memory of their son, David, who lost his five-year battle with leukemia at the age of 15. The purpose of this family foundation, based in Greenwich, CT, is to pay tribute to David and his valiant battle with cancer. Through innovative and collaborative projects with leaders in health care, the Kanarek Family Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Context for our Work
It was through their personal experience with David that the Kanareks discovered that psycho-social support for the child throughout the course of their cancer treatment was crucial and many times overlooked. Even with the most advanced medical care, the psychological circumstances of the child and their family can be neglected within the priorities and complexities of medical care; this is a terrible disservice to all involved and impedes quality of care. Psychosocial support and education are, therefore, essential for pediatric patients, their families, and those who care for them.

The Kanareks believe that the advancing education of the professional nurse will have a crucial role in the quality, efficiency and cost management of the future of health care. Their family foundation will promote projects that advance the role of nursing and substantiate its multifaceted role in health care.


Meet the nurse from this location:

Robin Kanarek, RN, BSN

Nurse Educator and Philanthropist
President of the Kanarek Family Foundation
Nurse Educator and Philanthropist
President of the Kanarek Family Foundation
Robin Kanarek, RN, BSN
As a teenager, Robin was on her way to art school when a summer job at a doctor's office introduced her to the nursing profession, prompting her to change her path. Now, as a nurse and mother, she knows all too well how crucial a role palliative care can play in a good end-of-life experience. As the President of the Kanarek Family Foundation, she seeks to bring nurses into the forefront of end-of-life conversations with patients.
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