Calvary Hospital

From its inception in 1899, Calvary Hospital has been faithfully devoted to providing palliative care to adult patients in the advanced stages of cancer, and other life-limiting illnesses. Calvary is the only fully accredited acute care specialty hospital in the U.S. devoted to this special care. With 225 beds in the Bronx and Brooklyn and more than 1,000 employees, Calvary serves more than 5,800 patients annually.

Calvary provides palliative care, which is the active treatment of the symptoms, not the cure of the disease, in order to make our patients as comfortable as possible. Our programs include inpatient care, case management, outpatient care, hospice, home care and support programs for families and friends.

A voluntary, not-for-profit hospital, operated in connection with the Archdiocese of New York, Calvary continues to embody this tradition of caring through the services and programs offered and through the dedication and concern shown by its staff members.

The Hospital will continue to be faithful to this tradition through a twofold commitment. Calvary will strive primarily to expand its programs and services to meet the emerging physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of both patients and families through the provision of acute inpatient, outpatient, home care, and hospice.

As we approach the future with a sense of hope and promise, Calvary is ever mindful of the legacy of our founders, the Women of Calvary, to provide compassionate care while recognizing the individuality and dignity of every patient. At the same time, we will continue to develop new programs and services to meet the needs of today’s world.

Andrea Mejia, RN

Andrea was working as a home attendant for several years when one of her long term patients encouraged her to improve her English and go back to school to get her nursing degree. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Andrea uses her background and religious convictions to help her face the death and dying process with her patients.

Diane Ryan, RN

Diane is a staff nurse on the Palliative Care Unit at Calvary Hospital, where she spends her days at the bedside of her dying patients. A cancer survivor herself, she knows all too well what kind of pain a terminally ill patient can experience at the end of life, and seeks to alleviate that pain whenever possible.

Marilyn Crockett, RN, PSM

Marilyn was working as an obstetrics nurse when her elder sister convinced her to give Calvary’s Palliative Care unit a try. Initially, she thought she wouldn’t like working with dying people, but has since found the other end of life even more fulfilling than the birth process. She has had several of her own family members die on her unit, and knows firsthand how challenging it can be to separate emotion from reason in difficult moments.