The Waters Senior Living

The Waters’ mission is powerful, yet simple. They are committed to creating communities that thrive by offering living and working experiences centered on wellbeing and hospitality. They’ve created an innovative suite of personal services and amenities, developed in partnership with some of the nation’s leading thought leaders, including the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing. The Waters empowers residents and team members to enjoy life in better health.

The Waters is an owner and operator of senior living communities in the greater Twin Cities metro area and Rochester. Seven communities with over 900 units are in operation, construction or under development. Based in Minnetonka, MN, they are a privately-held company that has been in business for nearly 30 years.

Julie Shinn, MSN, RN, NEA-BC

Julie has been a nurse for over 40 years, and began working in her directorial role at The Waters Senior Living after going into retirement. She believes that her organization’s progressive model of care could be scaled to meet the rising needs of our growing elderly population, if society could prioritize allocating financial resources for RNs to provide primary care at the end of life, leading to a high quality experience for all.

Thibaut DeRoos, RN

Thibaut has been an RN for a little over a year, after starting his career as a psychologist. He finds it very rewarding to be able to work with elderly patients on achieving their end of life goals, especially given that he lost his father suddenly to a heart attack in 2009. He seeks to give his patients what his father never got: an end of life experience filled with closure and peace.