Coda Conversations

End-of-life decisions can be challenging, but with knowledge, support, and motivation, they can become a fulfilling exercise when made in advance.

Providing this special gift to your family can relieve them of the stress of anguished decision-making when a health crisis occurs – so often completely unexpected in our lives.

Gretchen can help you make end-of-life health care decisions in advance based on your own values and taking into account what “quality of life” means to you.

Assisting you to fill out advance directive documents and then share those wishes with family, friends and medical professionals is all part of what Coda Conversations can do for you, individually or in groups.

Gretchen Brauer-Rieke, RN, MSN

As a young nursing student, Gretchen saw that medicalized childbirth disassociated and disempowered women from an otherwise natural process. This, in turn, led her to a two-decade career as a nurse midwife. Later, while supervising nursing students in the ICU, she realized the same thing was happening to patients facing the other end of life. She now leads workshops on advance care planning in her home state of Oregon, where she helps patients and families find autonomy and dignity within the dying process.